Culinary Confessional

Just a girl in the world...of culinary adventures! I'm beginning culinary academy in the fall, but will be doing a LOT of work before then to get myself ready for this. _____________________

This is a blog of my journey to change my life.

If you’re going to cook seriously, you need serious tools.  Those cheap-o cutting knives I’ve had since college are totally not doing the job.  So…I went shopping!  Look at the gorgeous “chef knives” I bought, plus a handy flat whisk.  (And don’t mock the flatness—I never saw the use of these suckers until I used one during my last cooking class while making a rue and saw how much more effecting this guy was rather than a wooden spoon or traditional whisk.)

And then, because I’m a total sucker for nifty kitchen toys…I finally broke down and bought myself a real vertical stand mixer!!!!